Extensions for OpenJUMP

The following extensions are available:

  1. JumpPrinter: a multi page printer for OpenJump
  2. UpdateProject: an extension to update an OpenJump project file when component layers are relocated.
  3. JumpChart: a charting extension for Open Jump
  4. VertexSymbols: provides a wide range of vertex symbols support.
  5. JumpFillPattern: provides a capability to add user-defined patterns


JumpPrinter - an extension that adds printing functionality


Latest version is 1.87 (26th April 2014) Requires latest VertexSymbols plugin to be installed as well as iText (require vers 2, see below) libraries. .

Changes from 1.86:

Changes from 1.85

Changes from Version 1.84

Changes from version 1.80

Changes from Version 1.79

Please note that the iText libraries used are still vers 2.0, the latest iText libraries are vers 5.0 and there are some changes required.  If support for iText vers 5 libraries is required please let me know and I can do the upgrade.

UpdateProject - and extension to update the locations of the layer files if they are moved from their locations in the Project file.
(under development)


Latest version is: 0.7


JumpChart is a charting extension for OpenJUMP.  It allows for the creation of pie, bar and column charts based on (numeric) attributes contained in each feature of a chosen layer.  The chart is produced as a new layer that can be retained and stored in the project, and edited if required.

Latest Version is 0.99

Now includes French language file (from 15/3/2013)

Changes from 0.95

Changes from 0.92


Latest Version is 0.180


Current Version is 0.2

Changes from 0.1


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