Some Samples of Things Made

Here some things made, most pleasure comes from the planning and making, though these are rather nice to use also.

Some Wooden Serving Dishes:

These are made from a local native timber, Jarrah (Eucalyptus Marginata).  This is the natural colour.  The curved pockets were designed with my Curved Surface plugin for CamBam.  Ideal for nibbles before dinner!

A Folding Screen:

This is a classic folding screen that is used to hide a less-than-sightly corner of a room.  The frame is Jarrah (Eucalytus Marginata) and the carved inserts are made from painted 3 mm MDF and mounted into slots cut into the frame.

A Rotating Utensile Holder:

I saw a design like this on the web, but with a few adaptions here.  It is intended to hold all those awkward cooking utilensiles used in the kitchen.  Made from Jarrah (Eucalyptus Marginata), the colours are natural.  The challenge for this item was to design it so it slotted tegether with a little glue and very few screws.

A Clock Face:

The clock mechanism is for others, in this case an inexpensive quartz movment, but the face is mine. It is about 500 mm diameter and carved from 19 mm Jarrah (Eucapytus Marginata). The numbers are V-carved and gold painted.  It is stablised by a 19 mm frame on the reverse side which also contains the movement and support hanger.

A Labrynth for the Hand

While full size labrynths are to walk through, these ones are for the hand, perhaps when blind-folded, to explore the path.

This example  is the 11-cycle Chartre labrynth made from Jarrah (E.Marginata).

A Mirror Frame

This mirror frame (600 x 500 mm approx) is quite challenging, but it provides a nice example of an art nouveau pattern with a "super-circle" (Squircle, power = 4) inner cut out for the mirror.  The original STL file pattern is from  The timber is Tasmainan Oak (E. Delegetensis) that shows a natural range of tones and the occasional gum vein.

This one is about 800x600 mm and made from Jarrah(E.Marginata).  The model was purchased online.

A Lazy Susan

This lazy susan is made from Jarrah (E. Marginata) with a pine coloured inlay.  The inlay is an epoxy resin putty.

A Lampshade

 Made from 3 and 6mm ply, and acrylic

A Small Trunk:

Made from Jarrah (E.Marginata) with an epoxy inlay featuring a branch of the Jarrah tree.

Another lamp shade:

A table lamp with a Voronoi cut out pattern, Made from Jarrah (E.Martigata) Pine ply and acrylic, showing on and off appearance

Another closk face:

The timber if Jarrah (E. Marginata), and a  Hermle 304-020 8 - day movement.